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About Us

Pawsitive Paws sets itself apart because we genuinely care and love all animals. Our aim is to exceed our dog walking responsibilities and develop a strong bond and relationship with each pet we are caring for. Trust and dependability are at the center of our company. It is our goal to not only earn your trust but your pet's trust as well. Trust coupled with our goal of  providing a dependable and efficient service is at the core of our business. 

Pawsitive Paws offers a full selection of services designed to suit every pet's personality and requirements. Whether it be dog walking, dog sitting, dog boarding, cat sitting, pet taxi, puppy care and elder care.

Our walkers and pet care professionals are carefully selected, thoroughly interviewed and referenced to ensure they meet specific standards. We are committed to carefully selecting dog owners, pet lovers, animal advocates and individuals that can prove they are truly passionate about the rights and well being of all animals.

Our team is committed to developing a personal relationship with your pet.  Before we initiate services, we provide a complimentary meet and greet with each pet owner where we gather valuable  information about the needs of their pets.  We want to know what your pet likes, any medical needs, feeding schedule, where he or she loves to walk and at what pace.

We believe that three key elements are imperative when caring for pets: love, trust and responsibility. Our business operates with these elements at it's core. We look forward to working with you and developing a loving and trusting relationship with your pet.

Pawsitive Paws


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