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Dog Walks

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Meet & Greet

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Our first consultation consists of a Meet and Greet which are always free of charge.  We take this opportunity to meet you, your pet and introduce ourselves and our services. We take into consideration the many different breeds, varying sizes, stamina, age, needs and condition of your pet.  Our aim in our initial consultation is to determine which service best suits your pets needs. 



Dog Walk

Chi Town Dog Walkers

Our regular walks are 25 minutes. This is a regular walk for a dog who likes to be outdoors and is physically capable of walking for the full 25 minutes. We recommend this walk for dogs who are able to handle longer walks or just need more time to find that perfect spot.


In & Out


Our in and out walk is 10 minutes. We understand that due to age or condition of some dogs the full 25 minute walk may be too strenuous. This walk is also perfect for puppy walks and can be implemented several times a day. (Minimum 2 In & Out Walks per day)


Pet Care

Chi Town Dog Walkers

Pet Sitting



We offer individualized pet sitting and boarding services to adjust to your specific needs. Whether you are going out of town on vacation or must travel for work our professionals provide expert in home pet sitting services to mirror your pets normal routine and or also provide boarding as well. 

$75 Per Day

Pet Taxi

This is perfect for busy pet owners. We provide safe and comprehensive service of pet transport to and from: veterinary appointments, training classes, grooming or boarding.

Kitty Visits

Kitty visits are the perfect solution for a client that is going out of town and needs someone to visit, feed and refresh their cat's litter box. The duration is 25 minutes and we provide picture updates and feedback during or shortly after the visit.

Pet Visits

Chi Town Dog Walkers

Our Pet Visits are aimed to care for exotic animals such as lizards, snakes, guinea pigs, birds, etc. This visit usually take 10-15 minutes. We make sure the pet is given food, water, or medication  as specifically directed by owner.  Before exiting we make sure your pet is comfortable, clean, and safe. 

*Standard cancellation fees are applied to any cancelled service

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